1. You put his what in his where?
2. I understand why you'd want to be a midget, but I don't think you've thought it through.
3. Fair enough, but twelve is only ten more than two.
4. Forty, really, that many.
5. I was just watching the news and it's not that difficult to make meth.
6. (sound of flushing).
7. While that's what I do when a dolphin dies.
8. Interestingly enough, no, I don't think that the California gold rush had anything to do with the '49ers franchise the
past few years.           
9. Walking backwards will make you age backwards, just like Benjamin Buttons.
10. So what if I like chick flicks and eating ice cream out of the carton? Don't fucking judge me, I'll beat you like Whoopi
beats the others on The View.
11. I still can't figure out how they got that out.
12. That hair cut does make him look like a zombie Australian monarch.
13. Yeah, football. I like that sports team.
14. Why would you say that about pygmies?
15. I'm pretty sure North Dakota is above South Dakota on the map.
Individual Lines of a Phone Conversation that
makes you wish you could hear the rest of said