1. Most chairs have four legs.
2. The word "panacea" contains the letters: P, A, N, C and E, but not X.
3. Forty is two more then thirty-eight.
4. In the Eskimo language, there are more then thirteen words.
5. An elephant is larger then most toucans.
6. Evolution has more then two syllables.
7. I spelled syllables without the help of spell check.
8. Of people taking test, more people are known to take them, then not.
9. Most homes can also be referred to as dwellings.
10. In other countries, soccer is played with a ball.
11. At the end of the movie The Sixth Sense: credits.
12. Apples are different then oranges and the two should not be compared.
13. There are more words for the number one then there are for the number three.
14. Bicycles have two wheels.
15. Forks in roads are different then forks that are used to eat with.
16. There is more then one way to spell a lot of words.
17. Most people in Canada are known as Canadians.
18. A baked potato is normally made by baking a potato.
19. It's hard to make it as an even number because the odds are stacked against you.
20.Talking pictures are more prevalent then silent films now.
21. When someone kicks, it's generally with the feet.
22. Oranges and apples actually can be compared.
23. Lazy and efficient means the same thing. This should be number one, but I'm
being efficient.
24. Zebras can stand on their hind legs and walk for twenty feet.
25. The more things change, they do in fact, change.
26. Donkeys are an enemy of the coyote (this is actually true, as donkeys keep
coyotes away. I'm not sure if this website will keep brightcoyote.com away.)
27. Cars became much more successful after brakes were invented.
28. I can't see Russia from my back porch even if I squint really hard.
29. In general the sports team that scores the most points wins.
30. It's never lupus.
31. Cameras can be used to take pictures.
32. Horses were invented in Nashville, TN.
33. It takes three to tango in Zimbabwe.