1. Alarm Clock-to be hated, despised and cursed at every morning.
2. Dead horse-I would not like to beaten after death
3. Cigarette- I would be despised and linked to cancer and then lit on fire. But I'd be so
relieving. Ahhh...menthol....taste...good
4. Pillow case-I'd hate to have to get intimate with a pillow that I never met and then have an
arranged marriage with the pillow till my ultimate demise.
5. Al Gore- I could have been president.
6. Refrigerator- I'd see all this great food and I couldn't eat any of it. Even if I could I'd never
make it to the bathroom.
7.My spell check- I'd just be so exhausted. Then when I went home, there would be no
sympathy from my wife, punctuation check, because she had just as hard of a day.
8. Accordion- I'd get no love and I'd constantly be squeezed by large Eastern Europeans.
9. The Economy- No one would understand me, and I'd be blamed for everything (not sure
I'd know the difference).
10. That thing with all the nails in it that you put your hand or face in it and than it stays that
way- I'd be sharp and pointy and people would forget me after five minutes.
11. A central air system-I would blow and suck.