Soon enough, there will be more to this site then this text. Not much
more. Eventually there will be sarcasm and puns. Eventually there will be
more stuff on this site then you can shake a stick at. Although you
shouldn't be shaking your stick. There are other sites on the Internet to do
that, or so I've heard.

How can I delete that intro? Okay, all the topics at the top are pretty self
explanatory. But the blog is codenamed R and r. Photos is the only place
to find something other than text. I'm leaving the multimedia and shop in
place on the nav bar because they amuse me. Qanda will be updated if
anyone ever gives me a question. If only I had an e-mail address on this


FYI-Two sites to visit.

One is my sometimes collaborator and always sounding board and by
sounding board I probably mean friend. He is responsible for the ones
with asterisks on the lists.
His myspace page

And here is another of my sounding boards. His site has as many
pictures as mine has text.
his website