Movies that seem to slip
through the cracks-
are enough detailed
descriptions on the 'net
1. Fear of a Black Hat- This is Spinal Tap with rappers is a quick description that
doesn't do this hilarious movie justice.
Idiocracy- From the creator of Beavis and Butthead, comes a horror movie that
is becoming true.
Better Off Dead-It's entertaining, and if nothing else watch it for the several
references in Family Guy.
UHF-Weird Al, if you can't laugh at poodles being thrown at a window, then, well,
you're probably in a good state of mind, but in context, it's hilarious.
Idlewild-Outkast's movie was better then any of the nominees for the Oscar,
and it was vastly underrated on every review I saw.
Serenity-If you haven't seen this then you don't know Joss Whedon. To
understate it, he is a good writer.
Radioland Murders-Somewhere after Howard the Duck, George Lucas was
responsible for this. And while there's some misses, this fast paced, period piece
comedy has something going for it. Probably just that it's so different from almost
everything else out there.
The Christmas Tree-This is a horrible, horrible, awful "animated" show. It has
some things going for it, all in the name of unintentional comedy value. The minimal
amount of movement of characters, the laughably bad voice acting, the plot, etc.
The best part is the ability of Santa to cast down lightning. I had no idea he was so
Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree-Another Christmas special, but this one has
talent behind it. Jim Henson's muppets are in it. It also has Leslie Nielson and
Robert Downey Jr. It even has some catchy tunes. It's been years since I've seen it
and I still have the song stuck in my head from time to time. I'm not going to
diagnose drug use through viewing, but it certainly looked like Downey was high
during the filming. And surrounding him by muppets is as amusing for the audience
as it must have been for him. I did love Iron Man, it was like Swingers with action
Never Too Young to Die- The entire time watching this movie, I spent thinking
that it can't be real. John Stamos as a gymnast action hero complete with
horrendous over-synthesized 80's theme song. Freddy Krueger himself as the bad
guys #2. But as in every action movie, the villian is where it's at. Gene Simmons
playing a hermaphrodite planning to poison the cities' water supply is something
even the Adam West era Batman could not match.