If only the Mars Rover
had turned around.
Although, less respected
then the sightings of the
Virgin Mary, the Jabba
image proved just as
Put this
next to a
picture of
a hose to
put out a
picture of
a fire.
One man's treasure.
This is a grate photo.
Steve Buscemi in Fargo.
The rent's cheap, and the
fire escape's huge.
I apologize for the
multiple postings.
Someone took that
pounding the pavement
phrase too literally. It's
better then a "crack" pun.
The world's largest
Rorschach test.
Here's some pillars of our
Nature in all its glory. Whoopdity
The diving event at the tree
Olympics isn't as exciting as it
Since the invention of the talking
picture, attendance at the LOG
SHOW has been non-existent.
Victoria Falls is not nearly as
impressive as advertised.
Super Spy Johnny Action could
take a rest from the attacking
trees knowing they couldn't swim.