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1.All's wool that ends wool.
2.Shear determination
3.If the three stooges ever started listening to sheep, i wonder what Shemp heard.
4. Who gives a flock?
5.Do you need a flock pot for lamb stew?
6.Wool Tang Clan       
7. Shear Factor
8.The Empire Strikes Baaaaaaaack
9. No ewes is good ewes.
10. when the sheep hits the fan.
11. sheep shape
12. "I pity the wool."
13. sheep of fools
14. ship of wools
15. the lamb yankees
16. frankly Scarlett, I don't give a lamb
17. wool street
18. baaaaaaachalism
19. Lord of the Rings: Fellowsheep of the Rings.
20.gain a new fleece on life.
21.You're full of sheep.
22. Maybe a lamb post would shed some light on this
23. lambs go to churches that have a Sheeple
24. the sheeps gonna hit the fan
25.ewe-nited states
26. Fleece's pieces
27. shearleader
28.ewe take the good, ewe take the bad, ewe take the rest and there you have the       
      flocks of life
29. It is I Don Quixote, lord of lamb macha
30. Star Wars: A ewe Hope
31. Sheeps drive lamb-orghinis
32. What a Ewe-tufal world.
33. Shear determination

To be contin-ewed...