Ways to hurt and maim stupid people.
Please do not do.
1. Put sign on railroad tracks that says "Free Rocks"
2. Candy flavored electrical outlets.
3. Hallway spike strips.
4. Free cigarette and lighter while fueling your car.
5. New cereal: Frosted Coated Barb Wire Chunks
6. Reverse instructions on saw to hold the blade and cut with the handle.
7. Breathing optional restaurant sections
8. Add "Please stand here" underneath the "falling rock" signs.
9. Make sure they know that if you take all your medicine at once, you'll get better quicker.
10. Convince them they can save time if they drive in reverse everywhere.  
11. Tell them the large blue "H" signs on the highway stand for "Hurt More" and should be
avoided if they are in pain.
12. Let them know about the discount they can get on flying by bringing the most metal with
13. Beer bong's are for wusses. Try the coffee bong.
14. Wait for rain. Place sign that says look up.
15. Mark out "Do not ingest" warnings on batteries.