1. Buy two bunnies, opposite sex.
  2. Genetically mutate bunnies into Super-bunnies.
  3. Breed Super-bunnies.
  4. Buy oxygen bars and turf companies.
  5. Release Super-bunnies into the world.
  6. Watch Super-bunnies eat grass at haphazard rate.
  7. Wait as oxygen bars and artificial turf companies demand grows.
  8. Collect money from oxygen bars and artificial turf companies.
  9. Buy major universities, implementing courses on world domination.
  10. Use graduates to staff army.
  11. Use army to build robots.
  12. Have robots clean litter to gain support of various anti-litter groups.
  13. With anti-litter group support, stage campaign to get rid of clutter at their house at the same time.
  14. That will overwhelm the nation's dumps.
  15. Convince congress to shoot trash into space.
  16. Shoot trash into space.
  17. Tell aliens we're using their backyard as a dump. (Preferably the alien who stands outside his space ship with a
    space rifle screaming at the astronauts to "get off his lawn")
  18. Offer aliens latest toy elmos for semblance of peace.
  19. Use pact with aliens to cause increase in alien abductions.
  20. Use abductions to cause chaos.
  21. Use chaos to sell "probe" insurance, calling off probes as soon as demand is high enough.
  22. Use money from insurance to buy gelatin.
  23. Turn city reservoirs into jello for ransom money.
  24. Spend day in court.
  25. Pay royalty rights for stealing jello plot from '60's Batman tv show.
  26. With experience from law suit, restart original Napster.
  27. Use new Napster to bankrupt Yanni.
  28. With Yanni out of the way, win presidency.
  29. Use presidency to pass embargo on Canada.
  30. Thus increasing demand for Canadian goods and the use of the word "eh."
  31. With Canadian embargo in place, movies filmed in Vancouver will have to be filmed in the U.S.
  32. This will increase pay and power for U.S. gaffers.
  33. Use overwhelming power of gaffers to be elected to NFL probowl.
  34. Sell all your tickets to Hawaii.
  35. Use revenue to buy 200 pounds of Tofu.
  36. Offer tofu to small Mediterranean country in exchange for them changing their name to Jamaka.
  37. Watch as tourism patterns change, affecting both countries.
  38. Stage a potato sack race between leaders of Jamaica and Jamaka to see who gets to keep the name.
  39. Put potato sack race on pay-per-view.
  40. Use popularity of pay-per-view to start official Potato Sack League.
  41. This would cause a shortage of potato sacks.
  42. This would cause a shortage of potatoes.
  43. Publisher of Atkin's diet is jailed for exploiting lack of potatoes.
  44. Offer legal services in exchange for book deal.
  45. Build pollution generating time machine.
  46. Go back to step 43 and write book to use in step 44.
  47. With book published, start cult.
  48. With cult start national hide and seek day.
  49. Find out why you couldn't start that as president.
  50. With everyone hidden, rob them blind.
  51. Use money to hire army of monkeys.
  52. Have monkeys eat bananas.
  53. Line every street with banana peels.
  54. As people finally come out of hiding, wait as they slip on banana peels.
  55. Bide time as people recover.
  56. Use crutches to build world's largest radio tower.
  57. With power of air waves, manipulate weather forecast.
  58. Make sure everyone leaves their umbrellas at home on a rainy day.
  59. Thus forcing everyone to buy ponchos.
  60. Use poncho covered people to spell out messages from high altitudes. (Spells out "I'm with stupid" message
    pointing at California.
  61. With California ostracized, celebrity news becomes nil
  62. Without celebrities to mock, Americans turn to gardening
  63. Increased oxygen leads to state of euphoria
  64. Sales of prozac go down
  65. As pro-Zack support dwindles, pro-Slater support rises (Saved by the Bell reference)
  66. This leaves the nation with misprinted billboards (pros later)
  67. It encourages college atheletes to delay entry to pro drafts.
  68. This makes agents sad.
  69. Leading directly to a sharp decline in Bling.
  70. Making Mr. T the bling-blingiest
  71. Angering the always volatile
  72. To appease the letter "S" the governments drops the letter "X" and uses "S" to fulfill "X"'s duties as well as its own.
  73. To protest, "X" no longer sponsors Seseme Street.
  74. This increases the number of PBS pledge breaks.
  75. Leading to more tote bags
  76. Leading to less plastic bags.
  77. Which means less recycling
  78. Upsetting environmentalist.
  79. Leading to tie-dyed NRA cards
  80. Bridging the gap between democrats and republicans.
  81. Putting hundreds of political cartoonist out of work.
  82. Leading to influential and beautifully drawn "will work for food" signs
  83. Bringing a return to the bargaining system
  84. WIth paper currency out of use, take a lot from the U.S. Mint
  85. Use useless money to gain control of 3rd world nation
  86. Offer nation as domicile for infamous celebrities
  87. Charge admission to tourist
  88. Sell to Disney.
  89. Forcing other companies to buy third world nations
  90. Causing mass redistribution of farm animals, bringing back paper currency.
  91. Also forcing the U.S. to list itself on the stock market.
  92. Use leftover money from Osygen bars, turf companies, abduction insurance, new napster, water hostage, PSL,
    pay-per-view and currency taken during bartering period to buy 51% of U.S. stock
  93. Raise tases on companies that own 3rd world nations
  94. Forcing them to sell.
  95. Buy 3rd world nations.
  96. Use power to disband United Nations
  97. United Airlines and Nations bank will merge to fill the void.
  98. Banks merging with airlines causes the river banks to be on the go, causing mass amounts of floods around the
  99. This wipes out crops around the world.
  100. Leaving the remaining nations to turn to U.S. for help.
  101. Agree to help them in exchange for control of their countries.