Things to do other then looking at this website:
1.Fighting the good fight.
3.Building a soap box racer.
4.Using a time machine to go back and change the clock that hasn't been changed
since daylight savings time.
6.Learn the number five.
7.Stare at a cursor.
8. Taste Fondue.
9. Wax poetic about a wax figure of Walt Whitman.
10.Play hide and go seek, which is more fun than seek and go hide.
11. Watch television. Don't turn it on, just watch the tv.  
12. Hop scotch for money.
13. Learn the ways of the hobo.
14. Try to feel colors.
15. .sdrawkcab daer ot nraeL
16. Count the number of walls in your room. (answer at bottom)
17. Carve sculptures of past leaders out of crayons.
18. Find UFO's.
19. Find the other 23 letters of the alphabet.
20. Jump for joy.
21. Skadaddle.
22. Skidaddle.
23. Truncate something that needed truncating.
24. Take your computer monitor for a walk.
25. Write left on your right shoe and vice versa and see if you can keep them straight.
26. Saved by the Bell's on digital versatile disc, enough said.
27. Debate whether it's video or versatile.
28. Chase a mongoose.
29. Chase a goose with mono.
30. Be frank with somebody.
31. Be beans with somebody.
32. End "This sentence..."
33. Rearrange the letters in the word "is" to form another word.
34. Switch all the light bulbs in your house around, just to confuse them.
35. Stare at stairs.
36. Starrrt adddiingg unnecessary lettterss to wwwoorrrddsss.
37. Perfect cloning.
38. Prefect cloinng.
39. Give a seed a pep talk.
40. Hire a lawyer to sue the basket companies. They should take it, it's a basket case.
41. Reenact scenes from movies using luncheon meats.
42. Figure out why it's slightly funnier to say luncheon meats, then lunch meats.
43. Watch a watch.
44. Give money to someone. Pennies, and throw them at them, one at a time.
45. Verb.
46. Pity.
47. Use one word sentences.
48. Observe your own patterns to fill a list.
49. Set arbitrary goals for yourself.
50. Make the goals numerically significant, like at say "fifty."

16. (4)