Ways movies could have been
These are all fine, great films. They're one's that I enjoy. That doesn't mean they don't leave
some room for improvement.


1. Michael J. Fox not even broaching the subject of getting it on with his mama.
2. An R-rating and Biff is a seriously depressed alcoholic wife abuser instead of just eluding to
3. Zombies will be prevalent in the future. Other movies have taught me this and it would have
been better if this one was on board.
4. Instead of 88 miles per hour it was 69 hours per hour.
5. Christopher Lloyd: One man show.

1. Someone get Batman a Sucrets or a cough drop. His throat is sounding painful.
2. Do we really need to replace the hottie from Dawson's with someone else? I know her acting
wasn't up there, but she was full frontal in "The Gift." (which is appropriately titled).
3. I would like to see the Batman vs. Zombies.
4. Adam West?
5. Okay, can we just make it animated with reverse cells already, considering Batman Animated
trumps everything.

1. Where was the polka music? All that technology and no accordions, yeah, right.
2. Who cares who shot first? Who notified Greedo's family? Where's the murder investigation a
la CSI: Tatooine?
3. "If you strike me down, I shall become more powerful than you can possibly imagine." And
yet, no jedi zombie. Seriously?
4. There are just enough parodies, merchandising, analysis, discussions or follow up to this
5. No one swears, not even the space pirate. He would have let loose with at least a "Holy shit"
when he saw the death star.

1. Kind of a downer. Could we lose the whole addiction motif?
2. Reese Witherspoon is a douche nozzle according to Kevin Smith, and I will follow Silent Bob
to the gates of hell. Although I don't believe in the gates of hell. And I wouldn't follow anyone
there because I'm a wuss. But she seems like a Beeetch. And I think they could do better.
3. The Man in Black V. Zombies.
4. Put "Hurt" somewhere in the movie.
5. Three-D.


1. He could have visited a mental asylum. He would have heard a schizophrenic who was
hearing others thoughts. So he would have heard other, other peoples thoughts.
2. He could have worked for the Bill Belichick. Why steal signals if you can steal thoughts?
3.He could finally find out if zombies are capable of any other thoughts besides eating brains.
4. He could interview death row inmates to find out if they're innocent. Probably more of a
5. He could become so overwhelmed with so much information that he starts killing the people
who's thoughts he hears. But then, after they're dead he still hears them. And then he kills
himself, only to meet up with the people he killed. And they're probably thinking, "Hey, I wish
you didn't kill me."